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How should you prioritize B2B E-Commerce investments?


Forrester Research analysts predict that by 2019 manufacturers and wholesalers will account for a combined 30% of spending on e-commerce technology, compared with a forecasted 28% share of spending by online retailers.  So how should you prioritize your e-commerce investments? That largely depends on the maturity of your current system.  

If you’re currently offering a basic, no thrills e-commerce experience,
you’ll likely benefit from making investments in the following capabilities:

  • Content management system
  • Dynamic cross-sell/up-sell
  • Multiple shipping options    
  • Contract & tiered pricing
  • Multifaceted Search
  • Shopping lists

If your e-commerce system is more advanced from a customer experience prospective,
you’ll likely benefit from making investments in:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Integrating backend systems; ERP, inventory, fulfillment, CRM, etc.
  • Custom product development self-service

In general, you should invest in marketing features and customer experience first and then in creating efficiencies that increase profitability.  

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