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Fractional CIO

When you need a CIO but hiring one doesn’t make sense.

Every organization can benefit from the guidance of an experienced CIO but not every organization can justify hiring one. It’s for this reason that we offer our clients a fractional (part-time) CIO service. Our Fractional CIOs can provide your organization with the quality IT leadership you need to maximize performance while working within a cost structure that makes sense for the size of your business. 

While every situation is different, our Fractional CIO’s can:

Optimize your IT resources and budgets

IT roadmap – Develop and document a 1- 3 year IT plan to provide leadership the opportunity to prioritize and budget for initiatives relative to accomplishing the company’s goals and strategies. 

Project guidance – Establish a repeatable process for evaluating the business value of potential projects and for efficiently implementing those that have an acceptable business case.

Right skills and experience – Determine whether your current IT staff has the right mix of skills and experience to support the business.

Identify and mitigate business risks

Cybersecurity – Close gaps in vulnerabilities from cyber threats, such as ransomware, viruses and phishing to steal intellectual property and customer data.

Disaster Recovery – Put in place a validated, documented business continuity plan to address both simple technology outages and catastrophic events.  

Monitor and measure network – Put systems in place to monitor and proactively address potential issues and outages before they happen.

Create competitive advantage

Innovation Framework – Develop a process for innovation—from inception of an idea to, experimenting/testing to business case justification and implementation.

Schedule time to innovate – Regularly meet with operations, sales, marketing, etc. to explore specific opportunities where technology can help create a competitive advantage. 

Right software mix – Determine if the best way to achieve your business goals is by extending existing software, purchasing new on premise/cloud software or designing and developing custom software. 

The value of true IT leadership

Adding the insight of an experienced IT leader or CIO to your executive team brings more visibility, accountability and predictability to your current IT investments and future spend. Not to mention, a more clearly defined and accurate IT roadmap to help your company set IT project goals and deadlines, and meet them.

If you feel your organization can benefit from improved IT planning and leadership, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals. You can call us at (816) 276-2500 or email us at