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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) has long been used by large organizations to drive top-line revenues, streamline processes and increase profits. A new generation of BI software is now allowing mid-sized companies to reap similar benefits.  Trabon can help you leverage these new capabilities to build a BI system that’s powerful, easy-to-use and allows you to create relative, timely insights without having to call IT.

Make Data Actionable

Turn raw sales, marketing, operations and accounting data into insights that drive and support profitable new strategies.

Improve Decision Making

Provide key personnel with timely, data driven insights that help them make more informed and better decisions. 

Increase Revenue & Profitability

Use data driven insights to drive top line revenue and improve profitability via predictive analysis and heightened visibility concerning operational processes. 

Build and Implement Easy-to-Use Business Intelligence

Effective Business Intelligence (BI) goes way beyond reports.  It puts powerful, useful tools in the hands of decision-makers so they can analyze data and create actionable insights. Our BI consultants can help support all project needs from ideation-to-implementation or supporting and enhancing your existing system.


We can help you:

  • Define your BI strategy and goals
  • Identify key metrics you want to track and analyze (leading vs lagging indicators)
  • Develop business requirements for your BI solution via the “Trabon Design Studio”
  • Better understand your data and how to access it from disparate systems
  • Identify gaps between your current technical and desired future BI infrastructure
  • Develop a phased  IT Roadmap and budget for implementing your new BI capabilities
  • Implement the Roadmap

A roadmap can include:

  • Select the best BI software for you  based on requirements
  • Build a data warehouse and or data marts if applicable
  • Integrate systems to aggregate data if applicable
  • Create standard dashboards and provide drilldown training
  • Provide training on how to create ad hoc analysis

"The biggest surprise for us in deploying our new BI solution was learning that while we have well defined and efficient processes, we’ve been executing them in an inconsistent manner.   Knowing where to apply fixes to this end, has enabled us to significantly improve our on time delivery."

Chief Operating Officer

Custom Engineered Systems Company

Why Trabon

Our business-first approach focuses on making sure your decision-makers who need to use the system can easily access the right information and get clear, actionable analytics from a role-based dashboard. Because you shouldn’t be spending more time trying to understand your BI tool than you do running your business.

Our goal is to provide you with:

  • A fast start to achieve the quickest and most sustainable ROI
  • The ability to access data from multiple disparate systems in an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Training to develop internal subject matter expertise to guide decision making
  • Support establishing benchmark KPIs so you can prove measurable results

With Trabon, you're not just getting technical expertise, you're getting a highly skilled team, a dynamic approach and an entire company committed to your success. We think strategy, process and then technology.  Find out how we can help you.

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