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Customer Relationship Management

Maximizing Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Performance

A well-conceived and executed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy delivers competitive advantage and bottom line results.  To achieve maximum success requires that your CRM platform be integrated with other systems housing customer information. Otherwise you risk your customer facing teams making critical decisions based on half-truths and potentially erroneous information. Trabon can help you protect against this by designing a phased approach to create a 360o view of your customers and more.

Create 360o View

Integrate with core operating systems to create a 360° view of your customers’ purchasing and service behaviors.

Make Better Decisions

Infuse sales and marketing analytics to identify new sales opportunities, increase individual average transaction and wallet share of customer spend.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Automate operational processes and use business intelligence to improve performance and profitability.



No matter your starting point...

Our consultants can help you design a CRM strategy that aligns with your business goals, budget and appetite for change. 

We specialize in:

  • Designing integrated CRM platforms
  • The transformation of current-state to future-state gap analysis
  • Package selection and implementation
  • Custom-designed and developed CRM systems
  • Leveraging business intelligence (BI) and data analytics for better decision-making
  • E-Commerce, client portal, sales, marketing and customer service integration

“As a result of this new insight, our sales force has experienced over a 100% increase in new qualified leads, which has produced significant incremental revenue.”

Vice President of Sales

National Manufacturer and Distributor

Intelligent CRM

To maximize sales and marketing performance requires some form of intelligent CRM—a system that actually delivers many of the working benefits typically attributed to high-caliber business intelligence solutions. This is accomplished by creating a 360o view of your customers.  Aggregating all customer interactions such as order, service and proposal history etc. into a single location and then providing frontline sellers and systems with data driven suggestive selling strategies and tactics. 

The graphic below illustrates the natural progression from basic to intelligent CRM.

Why Trabon

Our business-first approach goes far beyond implementing CRM software. We help you design a solution that combines strategy, process and technology to provide a fully integrated CRM foundation to support your customer facing teams.

Our process helps you to:

  • Build a 360° view of your customers’ purchasing and service behavior
  • Leverage analytics to identify new opportunities, increase margins and improve ROI
  • Better manage sales metrics, activities and forecasts
  • Improve user adoption via increased support and insights

With Trabon, you're not just getting technical expertise, you're getting a highly skilled team, a dynamic approach and an entire company committed to your success. We think strategy, process and then technology.  Find out how we can help you.

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