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Custom Software Development

Trabon can support your company at any point of your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), whether you need to outsource the entire project end-to-end or need a collaborative partner to co-develop and support your internal team.

Trabon Design Studio

The Trabon Design Studio fosters innovation, collaboration, and a deeper understanding of the business issues to be solved.

Architecture that Scales

We design your software so that it can grow with your business while providing the lowest total cost of ownership possible. 

Proven Development Process

Our proven development process and stable development team helps to ensure the long-term success of your new application.


The Trabon Design Studio applies a rapid, effective approach to this most critical phase of application development. The design phase ensures that both you and the development team have a shared vision of what the application will and won’t do, how long it will take to develop, and what the costs should be.

Develop (and Test)

Development translates the design specifications to code. Testing is embedded throughout the development cycle sprints to verify that the system meets design specifications as part of an “Informed Agile” methodology. At completion, acceptance testing is applied for a final check before deployment.


In deployment, the system is moved to production servers and released for use. Training is provided for users and internal support. The application moves into support and maintenance mode.

Our Software Development Capabilities

Our professionals possess on average over 20 years’ experience in the design, development, QA and deployment of enterprise applications across a variety of platforms, technologies and industries.


Trabon has specialized experience with:

  • .NET development, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Xamarin
  • Architectural design, development, database management, project management
  • Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies
  • Application review and project recovery
  • Mission critical systems, product development, portals, e-commerce and BI
  • Manufacturing, distribution, insurance, healthcare, financial services, construction and nonprofit  

"If anyone in the world could design our Dynami Builder software, I knew Trabon could. Thanks for helping us show the market what an extraordinary piece of work it is."


Residential Development Company

Our Project-based Consulting Model

When your company needs a turnkey solution, our architects, designers, and engineers bring decades of experience building sophisticated software of all types including software as a service (SaaS) products, customer portals, mobile applications, and workflow automation.  We understand how to architect and build software that is easy to use, flexible, scalable, and grows with your business.

Our team can help you:

  • Work through the business case for implementing your vision
  • Build business requirements and technical specifications
  • Identify and create a plan to mitigate both known and yet unknown risks
  • Determine if you’re best served with a totally custom application, package or hybrid of both
  • Design, develop and deploy your solution as well as host it if appropriate
  • Seamlessly integrate with your core applications
  • Future-proof your development, minimizing the risks and costs of upgrades

We can also help you understand, via a Technology Roadmap, how your initiative will interact with the rest of your technology and impact your business strategy, operations and ongoing IT budget.

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