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E-Commerce Solutions

Maximize your online sales and minimize your IT spend

E-Commerce was the next big thing in the early 2000s. Suddenly sites could offer basic product catalogs, shopping carts, and payment mechanisms.  But, e-commerce is more than just a “buy” button now. Today companies look to automate processes and shift control of their systems from IT to marketing, enabling more productive cross-selling/up-selling.  Online buyers expect a rich customer experience with intuitive product recommendations, a high level of personalized service, and ease of use. If you don’t offer what they need — with a great experience — your competitor is just a click away.

Improve Profitability

Increase net profit by automating backend processes and converting existing customers from placing orders via human support to self-service online.

Enhance Promotional Capabilities

Empower your marketing group to create daily and dynamic promotions based on custom buying behavior and net profit without IT support.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Capture greater wallet share and glue customers to you by making their lives easier and providing analytics that improve their decision making.



Increase Customer Loyalty

Capture greater wallet share and glue customers to you by making their lives easier and providing analytics that improve their decision making.

Whether you’re getting into e-commerce for the first time or wanting to upgrade to take advantage of more sophisticated capabilities, we can help.  Our experts can design a solution that fits your needs, can grow with your business and maximizes ROI. 

We specialize in building e-commerce systems that:

  • Target specific customers/segments with dynamic and daily promotions
  • Offer customers a powerful multiple faceted search capability
  • Maximize conversion via intuitive navigation, product comparisons and ease of use
  • Offer variable pricing based on customer specific terms or events
  • Present customers with multiple shipping options, i.e. speed vs. cost vs. convenience
  • Share transaction history with sales, customer service and marketing via CRM integration
  • Integrate with backend systems, i.e. ERP, manufacturing and warehouse systems

"Our new system has enabled us to grow our online sales from just 1% to over 25% of our annual revenue, significantly increasing our profitability in the process." 

Chief Operating Officer

National Distributor

Why Trabon

Our business-first approach helps you maintain focus on how your decisions regarding your e-commerce system may impact other parts of your business. We empower your entire team to make informed decisions about the right e-commerce approach for your business goals and market.

We work to help you:

  • Understand the latest e-commerce trends and best practices
  • Gain insight to the risks/rewards of deploying upgrades to your current system
  • Build requirements, budget and a plan for upgrading your capabilities
  • Determine buy vs. build and execute a system selection if appropriate 
  • Design, construct, integrate to ERP and deploy your system

With Trabon, you're not just getting technical expertise, you're getting a highly skilled team, a dynamic approach and an entire company committed to your success. We think strategy, process and then technology.  Find out how we can help you.

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