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IT Strategy & Assessment

Solving problems with technology starts and ends with your business objectives.

Modern business relies on IT investments to maximize operational efficiency and build a competitive advantage. To optimize results requires that you build an IT strategy that aligns to your business strategy.  Because we recognize that every business is different and has ever changing needs, we offer three levels of assessment and deliverables, IT Organizational Review, Technology Roadmap and IT Strategy. We also offer a fractional CIO service for organizations that feel they can benefit from the ongoing guidance of a more strategic IT leader but would prefer to do so on a part-time basis. 

Align IT & Business Strategy

Optimize IT investments and improve operational efficiencies by ensuring that your IT and business strategies and objectives are aligned.

Create Competitive Advantage

Better understand how to leverage your existing and new software to create competitive advantage and improved performance.

Optimize Your IT Spend

Validate that your IT skills mix, processes, technology and budget are appropriate to support the goals of your business.

IT Organizational Review

The objective of the IT Organizational Review is to determine the optimal mix of IT resources and budget to support the goals of the business.  To accomplish this, we perform a thorough gap analysis of your current-state IT functions and your future-state needs relative to known growth initiatives. Then we make recommendations to improve performance, capacity and reduce risks. 

Key deliverables normally include:

  • Recommendations for improved business/IT coordination and planning
  • Recommended optimal department structure, skillsets and number of FTEs
  • Recommendations for operational efficiencies and improved performance

Technology Roadmap

Typically, this exercise is in concert with a major technology investment, new product or service launch or change in business direction. The objective is to build a Technology Roadmap that will guide you in transitioning from your current state IT infrastructure to the best possible future-state environment within your budget requirements.

Key deliverables normally include:

  • Current and future state architecture diagrams
  • High-level activities and milestones to achieve transition to future state
  • Initial and ongoing operational budgetary numbers

IT Strategy

The objective of a comprehensive IT Strategy is to help you maximize the value of information technology relative to achieving your business goals.  Our process includes collaborative planning between your business and IT stakeholders to ensure that IT budgets, resources and activities are properly aligned with the company’s strategy.

Key deliverables normally include:

  • Key company goals and strategy
  • IT Organizational Review and Technology Roadmap deliverables
  • Risk assessment and mitigation plan
  • Implementation plan, including budget, resources and timelines 

“The process helped validate our assumptions and build consensus as to our most critical future IT investments.”

Chief Executive Officer

Agricultural Cooperative

Why Trabon

At Trabon we understand that IT strategy should reflect business strategy. That’s why our process begins with understanding your business goals and unique challenges first.  It’s only after gaining this understanding that we can effectively identify how technology can help you in achieving them.

Our process will help you to:

  • Gain internal consensus as to goals, challenges and opportunities
  • Challenge, “that’s the way we’ve always done it” status quo
  • Identify how your IT Strategy can produce efficiency, growth, profitability and competitive advantage — within budget requirements

With Trabon, you're not just getting technical expertise, you're getting a highly skilled team, a dynamic approach and an entire company committed to your success. We think strategy, process and then technology.  Find out how our business-first IT Strategy and Assessment services can future-proof your business.